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Random Acts of Canadian

There are few things more rewarding than hearing stories of our fellow Canadians stepping up for each other and our communities right now.

That’s why RBC launched Random Acts of Canadian – a celebration of the incredible acts of kindness, generosity, and ingenuity of individuals across our country.

Through these challenging times, Canadians have rallied together to support their communities with kindness, and innovation and uplifting stories have begun to emerge. RBC wants to spotlight the resilience, altruism, and ingenuity of individuals who are going beyond their call of duty. They want to hear your stories and share them with Canadians.

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Music Apps


To support the Canadian music community during these challenging times, RBC is excited to introduce First Up with RBCxMusic, a series of 30 minute, recorded performances submitted from selected emerging artists across Canada.  

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Stay tuned for exclusive perks at Live Nation events, in-depth interviews with your favourite artists, and much more.  Tune in on August 7th and August 16th at 5 PM to listen to two amazing Calgarian artists perform! 

Kien will be performing
Friday, August 7 at 5 PM MT

KIEN is a Canadian-Chinese rapper from Calgary Alberta with an evolving story about self-identity. His 10 years of experience with his craft allowed him to create a relatable story with his fans. KIEN is hoping to contribute more to his city, the culture and community through more collaborations later this year.

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Julianna Laine will be performing 

Sunday, August 16 at 5 PM MT

Julianna Laine is a Canadian singer, songwriter and producer. Laine identifies with the genre of "bedroom pop" because her songs are recorded and written in her room and done in a DIY fashion. She recently returned from Europe where she played shows in countries such as Denmark, Portugal, Austria and Sweden. 

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