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OK, folks, Let's Roam have completed the point audit, and the final scores are as follows. 


Congratulations to all the teams in the top ten, but also to those who hit the top twenty.  The Great YYC Staycation was quite the hunt (journey) with 3,000 fellow Calgarians, and everyone who participated contributed MASSIVELY to spreading a feeling of hope and happiness during an extremely challenging summer.

On behalf of all the local businesses involved in the Scavenger Hunt itself, our Tiny House Challenge, our collaborative giveaways, and our mini Scavenger Hunts, Team Staycay wants to take the opportunity to say to everyone who participated in The Great YYC Staycation;


Thank you for everything!


To our partners who supported us from day one, who allowed for this to be a free community event, who contributed prizes and held our hand through the entire process - we are beyond grateful.  We literally could not have done this without every one of you.  We would also like to make a special mention to RBC, who came in as title sponsor without hesitation, to help support our local community and who was instrumental in getting this community initiative off the ground.  Lastly, a massive shout out to Curiocity Group, who has been phenomenal and have helped grow the initiative exponentially in the last three weeks.

The goal of The Great YYC Staycation was to support Calgary.  Every single staycationer contributed to this by getting out and exploring the city, posting on social, purchasing local and by spreading the

word throughout the community.  

This has been the BEST SUMMER EVER and one we will never forget.

Team Staycay x

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 12.01.35

Official Leaderboard for the Summer Staycay 2020

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