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The idea for The Great YYC Staycation was conceived in late June of 2020 during the BounceBackYYC Hackathon by two MBA students, Kim Trischuk and Molly Beckham.  Kim and Molly partnered with entrepreneurs and Energy Disruptors Co-Founders, Graeme and Michelle Edge, to help bring the initiative to life.

We created The Great YYC Staycation as a unique opportunity for Calgarians to be part of something impactful and exciting while helping our local community.


We are reigniting community spirit in a free, fun, and safe way this summer - get ready to rediscover Calgary at the BIGGEST ever city-wide scavenger hunt!

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Molly Beckham

As a former NCAA athlete and current MBA candidate, Molly continues to bring the competitive nature of sport into the business world. She loves finding creative solutions to every challenge faced and thrives in a team atmosphere.

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Kim Trischuk

Kim is a certified HR professional and current MBA candidate, with extensive experience in professional and executive search, she is a community-builder and people connector,  bringing experience and unmatched leadership to the StayCay team.

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Michelle Edge

 The creative force behind The Energy Disruptors event series, Michelle combines a vivid imagination, creativity, and passion to unite people around human challenges and inspire action. 

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Graeme Edge

As a passionate impact entrepreneur and connector, Graeme is one of the masterminds behind the Energy Disruptors Unite event series.  He brings the energy, innovation, and bold leadership needed to get crazy initiatives off the ground.

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